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Lunch & Dinner - Lunch & Dinner
North Hollywood, CA



Pico, cream, queso fresco, cheddar jack, potatoes, bomba sauce, rice, beans

Choice of Meat (Lunch & Dinner):Steak +$3Sausage +$2Bacon +$1Chicken +$2Shrimp +$4Vegetarian
Sauce Options (Optional):Bomba Sauce Green Verde Avocado Sauce Mango Habanero Jalapeño Ranch Aoili
Add Ons (Optional):Extra Bomba Sauce +$0.50Extra Green Verde Sauce +$0.50Extra Avocado Sauce +$0.50Extra Mango Habanero Sauce +$0.50Extra Jalapeño Sauce +$0.50Extra Salsa +$0.50Bomba Style +$2Extra Meat +$2.50
Sides (Optional):Lavash Chips +$2.50Waffle Fries +$3.50

North Hollywood, CA

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